About Us!

We are so glad you've visited our website! A little about us, we are Brandy and Mr. Jim, aka The Queen of Bling and the Joker! We live in Sale Creek TN, near Chattanooga, with our dog Biscuit. We are just like you, regular people who just turned a passion into a full time business!

We created our business with Paparazzi in June of 2014 initially just to get the discount because I loved the jewelry! At the time I was a widow, living paycheck-to-paycheck and not able to spend a lot of money when I wanted to do something for myself. I happened across $5 jewelry and thought, "Wow, $5... that's something I can afford! I can treat myself to something nice and not break my budget!" 

After only one month I quickly realized, I could make money at this! I had been working one full time job and sometimes 2 part time jobs and when it quickly became apparent there was real money to be made in Paparazzi, I was able to just do Paparazzi part time in the beginning alongside my day job! I loved the jewelry and was having so much fun, it was all up from there! Soon, my team began to grow and now we are an Elite (Top .1% of the company) team, The Queens and Kings of Bling! (Yes! We have men who sell Paparazzi as well!) 

We have team members from all over the country and now our passion is working with them to grow their businesses and changing lives all over the country $5 at a time!

We love providing our customers with trendy, affordable jewelry that makes you feel confident. We love connecting with our customers via Facebook live sales and getting to know you better! This business is our passion and is now our full time business and we said goodbye to the 9-5 jobs! There is SO much opportunity in Paparazzi and the only thing better than paying only $5 for Paparazzi jewelry is paying $2.75! So if you have any interest or questions about what we do and want to see Paparazzi can add to your life and bank account, feel free to contact us or click the FAQs section of this site!